Diary of a Hopeful Woman

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DoaHW was founded in the beginning on December 2014 by Robin Cassady. On 12/02/14, I walked into my OB/GYN’s office to learn that I had a missed miscarriage. I created this blog to share my personal journey, story, feelings, and struggles with the world – it was private for a short time, but once it became public, the views and support came rolling in. A blog so raw and unfiltered that related to 1 of 4 women was sought out for like rain in a drought. After realizing that I could help many women with my efforts to share the raw and unfiltered tragedy of miscarriage, I allowed DoaHW to form into a project/organization that is growing daily.

Starting in June 2015, Robin will begin sharing her journey to TTC (trying to conceive) after her miscarriage.

JOIN the project/organization to support Miscarriage Awareness for you and your family/friends who have suffered this terrible tragedy first-hand.


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  1. I’m glad to see your support site, I know how you are felling as the mother you are carrying your child so you have failed. It has took me a long time to put that emotion away. I lost my second baby in my 5th month it would have been born in August 1979 I had crying bouts the week of my due date. It can still bring tears to my eyes to think about that child. Some of our family understood the pain and grief my husband and I were going through but I did hear you can always try again. I did have another child I’m so glad I carried him had a little trouble but made it all nine months.

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